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(barbados and everything after...)

my wayward girl
24 February 1985
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I am busy:

-studying social work, English, and women & gender studies
-presiding over my school's LGBTQ(etc) organization
-not acting my age (sometimes young and sometimes old)
-being a dork and a geek and a nerd
-being a time machine
-being poetry instead of someone's slogan
-experiencing downright centrifugal gratitude
-recognizing my choices
-collecting family and friends and loving the hell out of them (and wishing I could, more literally)
-cultivating eccentricity worthy of stars' hallow (pre-season-the-seventh)
-feeling openly
-exhibiting incurable imagination (read: lying but never maliciously)
-finding beauty in things
-forcing illusory correlations
-determining the band name of the day
-determining whether I can bear to be a pacifist
-living the questions
-killing your timid notion
-making it my game
-writing (poetry/ prose/ plays) and not-writing (essays, homework assignments)
-not kidnapping children, in spite of my instincts (and awaiting the arrival of my niece!)
-proving my non-stalker-ness (or the innocence of my stalker-ness, as the case more often is)
-initiating random acts of revolution
-speaking for the dead
-taking the damage off
-unlearning to not speak
-defending (and attending) therapy
-better being myself

I live in Missouri and California. I left my heart in Wisconsin.
I'm recovering from lots of illnesses (read: what I'm doing, not who I am.)
I adore good relationships, good books, good music, good theater, and certain other good things.
I was raised onstage and in my music (and in Wisconsin).
I talk to myself and I answer. My geekiness is only surpassed by my dorkiness, and if I'm drowning I'll grow gills.
For the record, I love fiercely. Deal.

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